The Vineyard

The terroir of La Clape stands out above Narbonne and the Mediterranean Sea, in the heart of the Languedoc in the south of France. Our vines flourish on this former island soils with harsh climate, bathed by the sea winds and the sun. Sarrat de Goundy is born from the common desire of a family close to this arid and rocky landscape, the eyes on the Big Blue. Olivier Calix, winemaker, shares this strong link to the terroir that inspires him authentic and personal wines.

The Wine

Mineral and solar, marine as well from these sprays raised by the winds, our wines tell about their grapes and their terroir of La Clape. Their strong Mediterranean character is expressed sometimes with the intensity of spices, sometimes with freshness and crispness of the fruit, always with balance and finesse that guide us. Over the years, ephemeral and particular vintages, created from desires or new ideas, bring their stone to the quest for the best. To enjoy around a beautiful table or to drink with friends on a sunny terrace, they are always to be shared.

The Winery

The heart of Sarrat Goundy beats for you. Come to discover our winemaker life, taste and share the wine of course, even more, the food if you feel like it. The doors are open to move from the wine tasting cellar to the winery, to sit at the bar or gather around the barbecue. This is our workplace existing under the sign of hospitality.