Le Moulin

Appellation : La Clape

Colour : Red

Grape​ varieties : Syrah 60%, Grenache 30%, Carignan 10%

Terroir : Clay and limestone, in the middle of scrubland in front of the Mediterranean Sea

Wine making : Slight over-maturation of the harvest ; hand harvested of Syrah and Carignan ; fermentation with skin ; temperature control ; carbonic maceration for the Carignan ; 1 year ageing in steel ; 40 Hl/Ha yield.

Tasting notes : a deep colour with garnet highlights ; an elegant fragrance of small candied black fruit with a touch of liquorice ; round and crisp palate, full and balanced ; spicy and long finish.

Food pairings : “viande de Grisons”, beef Carpaccio with Sicilian capers

Le marin

Appellation : La Clape

Colour : White

Grape​ Varieties : Bourboulenc 50%, Grenache blanc 25%, Viognier 10 %, Macabeo 10%, Roussanne 5%

Terroir : Clay and limestone, in the middle of scrubland in front of the Mediterranean Sea

Wine making : Traditional harvested ; temperature control ; fermentation with skin and native yeast ; ageing on fine lees ; 30 Hl/Ha yield ; ageing on lees for four months ; no residual sugar.

Tasting notes : Bright golden yellow colour with green highlights ; great and very crisp fragrance with pear, gingerbread and honeysuckle notes ; smooth and fresh start for the palate with fruits in syrup and star anise aromas ; iodized finish.

Food pairings : Eggplant with coriander escalivade, cod brandade, sheep cheese

les pins

Appellation : Coteaux du Languedoc

Colour : Rosé

Grape varieties : Syrah 50%, Grenache 40%, Cinsault 10%

Terroir : Clay and limestone, in the middle of scrubland in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Wine making : Night harvested ; direct pressing ; temperature control ; ageing on fine lees for four months.

Tasting notes : light colour with redcurrant highlights, elegant fragrance of small acid red berries with a touch of wild strawberry ; round and crisp palate ; long finish on citrus and iodine.

Food pairings : Tandoori chicken, Palamos shrimp roasted with salt.


Cuvée du Planteur

Appellation : Coteaux du Languedoc

Colour : Rosé

Grape varieties : Grenache 60%, Cinsault 40%

Terroir : Clay and limestone, scrubland, 2 kms away from the Mediterranean Sea

Wine making : Mechanical harvesting ; temperatures control ; controlled ripening of harvest ; 35 HL/Ha yield.

Tasting notes : Beautiful rose petal colour ; expressive fragrance of citrus and acacia flowers ; crisp and round palate with aromas of red currants and raspberries ; nice finish leaving a taste of muscat petit grain and rosemary.

Food pairings : A bluefin tuna Carpaccio with capers or a crab salad

Cuvée du planteur

Appellation : La Clape

Colour : White

Grape varieties : Bourboulenc 70 %, Roussanne 20%, white Grenache 5%, Macabeo 5%

Terroir : Clay and limestone, scrubland, 2 kms away from the Mediterranean Sea

Wine making : Hand harvested without sulfites, low temperature traditional wine making without aromatic yeast; ageing in French oak barrel for 9 months; stirring on fine lees.

Tasting notes : A beautiful deep golden colour with green highlights, an expressive fragrance of pear and star anise, a very round palate with a smooth and unctuous sensation, a long finish on butter, honey and fresh nuts aromas.

Cuvée du planteur

Appellation : La Clape

Colour : Red

Grape varieties : Syrah 50%, Grenache 30%, Mourvedre 20%

Terroir : Clay and limestone, scrubland, 2 kms away from the Mediterranean Sea. 

Wine making : 28HL/Ha yield ; hand harvested; traditional wine making for 28 days with marc after fermentation ; ageing in French oak barrels for 13 months, 15% of new barrels ; blending after ageing.

Tasting notes : A deep colour with garnet highlights, an elegant fragrance of small candied black fruit and garrigue ; a full and generous palate with laurel, cassis and vanilla aromas ; a long but crisp finish upheld by silky tannins.

Food pairings : Coppa, small duck stuffed with dried fruit, ripe cheep Tomme.

Combe aux louves

Appellation : La Clape

Colour : Red

Grape varieties : Mourvèdre 50%, Syrah 20%, Carignan 10%, Grenache noir 20%

Terroir : Clay and limestone

Wine making : This wine is from non certified organic grapes. Wine making without sulfites and aromatic yeast, with meticulous selection of hand harvested grapes and pigeage with the feet in a 40 hl steel. A 6 months ageing in steel follows a 14 months ageing of 2 wines in 300L barrels.

Tasting notes : Black cherry colour ; the fragrance is dominated by aromas of ripe mourvèdre: blackcurrant, blackberry and menthol ; the palate is full and round ; the finish tells about great ageing potential and a spices and garrigue taste.

Les petits canons


We all have beautiful memories of our holidays and many old photos, hidden in the cupboards of the family house.

Les Petits Canons celebrate these happy times, these moments, these emotions, magically caught.

These limited edition wines will be perfect with your “petanque” parties, your Sunday family lunch and your aperitifs by the river.

To revive the memory of the past, remember and enjoy, these simple and convivial drinks, we will never forget them. For sure, nothing has changed.

Salut les copains ! Hi friends !



Jolie môme



A muscat petit grain, a light and dry white wine, with an ethereal, frivolous and hedonistic personality. But, Jolie Môme is not a gadget wine. It is a tribute to exotism (lychee, pineapple, grapefruit) and a soft feeling of freshlypicked fruit. Slightly sparkled, this white wine is a surprise. It is also available in a sweet muscat wine.

The "cuvées sans titre"



" The Cuvées " sans titre " are at once experimental and ephemeral. They bring to each number, a new way of winemaking, aging, and/or an original varietal of grappe or a new blend. These wines represent a genuine area of ​​freedom in a limited edition. In general, the Cuvées " sans titre " are both inspirational and a kind of renewal to my approach in wie understanding and pleasure. Understood as natural wine, it contains no added yeast, no inputs, and are without sulfites until bottling.

Mano à Mano

From the earth to the earth ... This vintage, which takes the title of a bullfighting term, finds its true definition in the collaboration between a winemaker and a potter. Carefully grown in 155 liter terracotta handmade jars near Castelnaudary, this wine does not compete in the category of vintage with aromatization sometimes shifted, the guard in oak barrels. This breeding alternation mode reveals the true nature of the fruit's aromas and terroir. The density and expresssion obtained after one year of guard in its oblong-shaped jars, draws a link between our wines languedociens and their brothers mediterrannées. A trip, in short, to the confines of the ancient soul and the tradition of wine making know-how.