La table vigneronne, fresh produce


Originally from Chalons-en-Champagne, Thomas Poulet, 27 years, former assistant chef at Petit Pastis Narbonne is now chef of Table Vigneronne in Sarrat de Goundy. This latest table d'hôte welcomes curious in a cozy atmosphere and lounge around the central attraction: the "grill Languedoc" version brazier, where everything, meat and vegetables, cooked over a wood fire shoots.

He apprenticed in a registered restaurant Michelin and three years at a caterer, Thomas feels the need of renewal. This change of air will, to our delight, in our beautiful region of Aude and more specifically in Narbonne. As often in this kind of story, Domaine Sarrat de Goundy and young leader have crossed at the right time, fate some might say.

This meeting was born a culinary alchemy concocted in a single purpose: to please. Thomas defines its cuisine as classic, but the real appreciation of his art is in the freshness of the products worked and choice of quality (many from organic agriculture), real guarantee of a desire to give see the beautiful and the good. Cook the simplest products possible by working directly with producers and in accordance with our wines:

Vegetables: le potager de la Clape,

Pork: à la petite ferme,

Lamb: Pays Cathare,

Delicatessen : Boucherie Rodriguez,

Cheese: Ferme de Combebelle,

Fishermen: la marée Gruissannaise,

Ice cream: ferme Audeline.

His current pride is the "burger winemaker" ®, culinary masterpiece shallot confit at Domaine Sarrat de Goundy wine, wine sauce with wine red planter, eggplant wafer (also called "merizane" of Bonifacio), burger butcher sheep tome, arugula and tomato. Revisited this burger is a must today, young and old love it!

This new framework, unlike a restaurant, favors direct exchange with the head, because of its open kitchen and professional kindness. A host table, yes, but with a real creative chef, modern and above all passionate!

This offer allows customers to take their time to enjoy all the flavors but also the peace of places at the table Vigneronne it is a whole which offers itself to you. The other specificity also lies in the fact that the menus are structured around wine and not the reverse. Wine is central here, the source of all inspiration. At the heart of the area, creating agreements between the flat first go through the feeling of the wine soil. In example two desserts Vigneronne table: the ganache "Combes aux louves" and the pink granite of "les puits".

The board of this young leader for future generations? Perseverance because the kitchen is more than a mouth business, it is a desire to affirm his choice, whether to renew and be reactive.